Bella Kinesis visits Juice Tonic

We’re quite new to the juice trend but after a visit to Juice Tonic Organic Juicery, we’re sold. Raw, unpasteurised juices are said to lift energy levels and boost your immune system. With these cold, rainy February days and a never-ending flu season, they’re definitely worth a try. Cold-pressed juices are made with a hydraulic powered press that squashes juice out of fruits and vegetables under extreme pressure. Since there are no rotating blades, no heat is produced in the juicer, which preserves the vitamins and enzymes in produce up to five times more than a traditional juicer.

Juice Tonic is based in Soho, tucked away behind Shaftesbury Avenue. There’s limited seating but free wifi and a nice little window bench meant we sat there for a good hour. They also offer cleanse programmes – quite pricey but much cheaper than many others on the market.

We both sampled the ‘all-inclusive’ made from spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, parsley and spirulina all served in a cute to go plastic mason jar and priced at £6. It was quite a generous portion and tastier than it sounds! I usually make a face when it comes to green hued beverages but the apple actually gave it a pleasant sweetness and my juice was all gone by the time we left.

Overall, we’re sure to be regular customers.

Much love,

Shaleena & Roshni

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Juice Tonic

3 Winnett St

London W1D 6JY


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