Cheaper Ways to Workout

Want to get into shape but don’t want to pay for expensive classes or gym memberships? We know that these can really make a dent in your bank accounts, so we’ve found great ways to get into shape & save some cash at the same time!

  1. Try workout videos: We are currently using and, both cost about £5 for a month membership. We will be reviewing these in our following post.
  2. Introductory offers: If you don’t mind hopping around London new studios are always keen to rope in new clients with discounted offers. For example, TenPilates charges £12.50 for your first class and TriYoga offers £20 unlimited yoga for two weeks. This is a great way to figure out which form of exercise suits you best.
  3. Don’t pay extra: If you already have a gym membership make sure you use that to your full advantage. LA Fitness offers free classes with their memberships and they vary from Zumba to water aerobics. You can download their full class schedule on their website.
  4. Leisure Centres: Not as fancy as swanky gyms but with a pretty impressive workout offering, local leisure centres are a good option for the pennywise. We’re closest to Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre,which offers £7.80 drop-in classes ranging from Hatha yoga to Box fit.
  5. Run Like A Girl Running Club : We've got a FREE monthly run club hosted by Project HB and sponsored by Heathbox Kitchen. Get your spot here before tickets are all gone!
  6. Walking/Running: The most obvious suggestion. We're lucky to live close to Primrose Hill and Regents Park so we don't have an excuse to stay indoors when the sun is shining!

Keep saving,

Shaleena & Roshni


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  • Yes, you are lucky to live so close to these gorgeous parks. I am a South Londoner, live close to London Bridge, so when I go for a run, I either do it along the river bank, or in Burgess Park. Cycling everywhere in London (which I do always, even with my child on the back seat) is also a good way to work out and actually to save money, as London transport is becoming way too expensive.
    Yes to Running!
    And Yes to doing yoga at home!

    And yes to Cheeky Yoga this Thursday! :)))

    PS I love your blog!

    • Lera