Review of Roots and Bulbs

Yesterday we stopped in at Roots and Bulbs, a new coldpressed juicery in Marylebone. It’s located at the end of the high street, just a five minute walk from Selfridges. Their official launch is next week when they’ll have a full range of healthy snacks and meals but we just popped in to get a first taste of their delicious juices. I tried the G3 (£4.99 for 250ml), which contains cucumber, pineapple, kale and herb and Shaleena got the C2 made of carrot, beetroot, ginger and apple. My taste buds are only just getting used to green juices so I usually go for ones that I know will have a natural sweetness. I really enjoyed my juice and it was a great pick me up for the afternoon.

While we were there, we got to meet the lovely and glowy owner, Sarah. Once I got home I read her full story on the website and realised it was quite similar to my own. After leaving high stress jobs in finance, we both needed to address our poor health, which eventually led to the creation of a new business. Hopefully in a few years time we’ll be able to launch on Marylebone High Street too!

The décor is really cool. I loved the strobe lighting sign and exposed brick and copper countertops. Unfortunately there was no seating area but their packaging is great so we happily enjoyed our juice on the go.

Definitely stop by if you’re in the area.


Keep sipping,

Shaleena & Roshni


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