Review of Psycle London

On Wednesday we booked ourselves into a special class at Psycle London on Mortimer Street organised by Mio Skin Care. It was quite an experience, it was our first class at Psycle and we came out with mixed feelings. Before we even began, our thighs were trembling with fear in anticipation of how intense this work out was going to be. We were starting to feel more at ease when we walked into the beautiful minimalist studio but got a bit intimidated when they handed us our custom cycling shoes with cleats. There was a silent exchange of looks ‘Oh crap, this is going to be intense’. When we went down to the studio the staff were extremely welcoming and helped us onto our bikes and adjusted our seats. We were also given some hand weights, a towel and a bottle of water.


Tim, our instructor began by turning off the main lights and switching to the multi-coloured disco lights and his own personal spotlight that made him look a bit like a cycling deity. Then music began and the pedalling started. Panic set in immediately, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to walk home after this.  But we started off slow, then got a bit faster and then added in some retro dance moves for our hands. All we could think about were JAZZ HANDS! We were smiling throughout the whole 45 minutes, but it was more from amusement than enjoyment. The whole thing seemed quite surreal. I think at one point we even did the Night Fever finger point. I just kept picturing Ross and Monica’s ‘the routine’…


To sum, we came to mixed conclusions. Shaleena ended up quite enjoying the class but I didn’t feel the same way. Perhaps I’m too uptight for all this upbeatness. But I must admit they had the best playlist. The next day we were both pretty sore and resented every flight of stairs we came across. I guess all the funny arm movements and light show really work to distract you from how much work your body is really doing.


Give it a try, you might feel differently.


Keep spinning,

Shaleena & Roshni


What we're listening to: Dead or Alive 'You spin me right round'


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