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With so much attention on Ellen DeGeneres this week because of the Oscars and that infamous selfie, we thought it only appropriate to make her our inspiration this week. It has been 17 years since Ellen ‘came out’ as a lesbian; this was a historical moment for television. Although labeled as the comedic lesbian activist, she has said she never wanted to be an activist or spokesperson for the gay community. But just by voicing her opinions and the actions she has taken to educate people, she has made a huge impact in her industry and encourages everyone to take a second look at where his or her priorities lie.

She is constantly pushing the boundaries on her show and has had the opportunity to interview some very influential people, like Michelle Obama in 2012. It was very refreshing to hear the host not only promote the First Lady’s Let’s move Campaign but also joke with her and compete to see who could do the most push ups (Michelle won). It was great seeing women as strong as DeGeneres and Michelle flexing their muscles instead of shying away and trying to look as feminine as possible. We need more women to take a stand like this.

At the Tulane University Commencement in 2009, Ellen was the guest speaker and concluded her address with this quote:

“Life is like one big Mardi Gras, but instead of showing your boobs show your brain, and if they like what they see you will have more beads then you’ll know what to do with.”

Keep Challenging,

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