What is Zumba?


I started doing Zumba about two months ago because I wanted to change my very repetitive gym routine. I was looking for something fun and motivating to get me up and going. When I attended my first class I was a bit skeptical as I have no rhythm whatsoever, but my teacher was very enthusiastic and kept belting out these funny noises, which I later learned releases endorphins. When the music started I realised it was basically a sober rave. The beats were mostly Latin with a mix of modern day pop.

The class was hard but the hour passed really quickly and we did a combination of dance and aerobics. We were constantly moving and you had no time to stop. It was extremely fun; the whole class was sweating from jumping, lunging and shaking our hips (and other things). It was such an odd combination of movements that worked out my entire body in one go.

The next day I was in complete agony, but the good type of pain. Weeks later and the results are really showing.

If you’re interested in shaking your hips a loosing the jiggle at the same time check out Zumba Fitness Party to see who offers classes near you.


Keep shaking,

Shaleena & Roshni


What we're listening to: Gloria Estefan 'Conga' 

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