Review of Paola's Body Barre

Yesterday we went for a special workout event by Paola’s Body Barre, organised by Space NK, as part of their ‘Spring Series’. They have an amazing new space in the basement of their Knightsbridge store and co-hosted the event with Mio Skincare. We’ve been wanting to try out Paola’s Body Barre in Fulham for sometime now, so were really happy when we found out that it had been brought a bit closer to us.

There was no barre in the room so we didn’t get the full Body Barre experience but had an amazing workout with the woman who founded the studio, Paola di Lanzo. The class was pretty tough so be prepared if you sign up. It was a combination of ballet and pilates, but moved at a very quick pace. I did ballet at school so I was a bit more familiar with the moves than others. The hardest thing for non-dancers to learn is ‘turn-out’ so be aware that if you don’t have a dance history, it will take some time to become accustomed to some parts of the routine. Without the barre, the class involved a pilates ring, ball and stretch bands to add resistance to the movements. Paola was very personable and encouraged us individually throughout the class by using our names. I prefer low-impact, high intensity workouts so I really enjoyed the class. Shaleena tends to choose more cardio-intensive exercises and has had no previous dance experience, which meant she found the class more challenging. Hopefully from this review, you’ll be able to deduce if the class is right for you, based on your own personal workout needs.

Today I woke up feeling great. I’m still a bit sore – inner thighs and bum in particular, but I’m feeling more toned after just one class. I’ll definitely be booking in for the full experience shortly.


Keep moving,

Shaleena & Roshni


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