Weekly Inspiration - Tory Burch

Last week we had the opportunity to hear Tory Burch speak at the London Vogue Festival 2014. We thought her start up story was similar to ours, which is why she is our inspiration this week. Only 10 years ago she had this idea for a lifestyle brand and began working out of her apartment. A lot of people doubted her work in the beginning. When forming ideas for the company she said, “I started to think what I was personally missing…It was this idea of great American sportswear with a more global point of view. Pieces — like a great trench coat or a cigarette pant — that were well priced. I thought there was an opening in the market between contemporary and designer.”

In 2004 the designer launched her first store in an up and coming neighborhood in New York and by the end of her first opening day she had sold almost all of her inventory. Ten years later and Tory Burch is a household name. She has expanded globally and states, “We want to look at different places in the world and see how different women are dressing and responding to our collection.” Her brand must appeal to her market. During her talk at the festival she gave some examples - in the Middle East the cut and fit needs to be more conservative and in Brazil her swimwear needs to be more revealing.

She went on to talk about how she loves working with her team and how it has not been her singular efforts that got her to where she is now. We couldn’t agree more. Burch is an inspiration because she saw a gap in the market and went for it despite what other people told her. We love her determination and how she has been incredibly successful in just ten years. After the talk, Roshni and I both agreed she seemed very approachable. We hope to one day be the same and inspire young entrepreneurs to create and supply what they believe is missing from the world.


Keep innovating,


Shaleena & Roshni


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