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I’ve been to two Barrecore classes in the past week. I signed up for their first timer offer – two classes for the price of one, priced at £28. On both occasions I opted for Barrceore Mixed. I was still getting to grips with some of the movements in the class so wanted to stick with what I already knew. The Mayfair studio is based in Cavendish Square, a short walk from Bond Street tube station. It’s a lovely little studio and the instructors were wonderful - they also all have those svelte ballerina bodies, which were most definitely motivating!

The class itself involved less ballet than I expected but it was a pretty intense workout. We started the class by gathering some props – a mat, two different sets of weights and some resistance bands. Each class has a very clear plan and is segmented accordingly. We started with the arms. First we used the 2.5kg weights for some lifts and then moved on to 1kg for squats. For legwork we used the barre. We did lots of different variations of leg-lifts and really focused on isometric exercises. The last step was ab work, which was done on the mat. I felt the burn most in my gluts and my thighs. Walking the next day was a bit of a struggle! I couldn’t always keep up with the class but I enjoyed the challenge. Overall, a great workout. If you're not based in London or are looking for a cheaper alternative, Barrecore also offers a wide selection of online classes. No excuse not to give it a try now!


Keep burning,

Shaleena & Roshni


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