Keeping Fit On Holiday

We are back from our amazing holiday in Goa, and the one thing I always find difficult is to keep active on a relaxing vacation. When you drink as much as we do, waking up and the thought of hitting the gym is not appealing, but the best way to get rid of a hangover is to sweat it out. There is nothing worse than arriving on holiday looking fabulous and comfortable in your skin and then after a few indulgent meals and drinks, starting to feel bloated. So here are a few tips to keep fit when travelling.

When going on vacation make sure you pack your sports bra and trainers! Most hotels and resorts will have a gym or an area on their grounds for you to run. But not everyone wants to take up space in their suitcase because let’s be honest my gladiator sandals get first priority. Check if your hotel has a pool or if you’re close to the ocean - you can burn up to 250 calories in half an hour by swimming. Even by taking the stairs instead of the lift is better than nothing.

So this summer it’s the small things that count, you didn’t work all winter to lose it on one vacation.

Keep it going,

Shaleena & Roshni

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  • Great article, keeping fit on holiday is imperative to live a balanced and healthy life. I made the mistake of not exercising for one week while in Goa and tried to launch myself into long distance running the day after getting back. It was not easy – I could’ve avoided some pain and benefited from the endorphins if I had exercised two or three times while on holiday.

    • Shakira Chanrai