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When we were creating Bella Kinesis, it was really important from the get-go that we would work in some way to help the situation of women worldwide. Being Indian, and seeing first hand the atrocities faced by the local women there, we decided to focus our efforts on our home country. The status of women in India has always been lower than that of men. They are respected less and are given fewer opportunities to advance themselves. When we first heard about Mann Deshi and the work they do, we knew we wanted to help. The foundation works to help women start their own businesses and become self-sufficient. Projects such as theirs have real long-term benefits. Female financial independence not only elevates the standing of these women entrepreneurs but also proves the worth of women in general. This is massive progress for India. It will open men’s eyes to the value of their daughters and they will no longer be pushed into early marriages or forced into prostitution and instead be encouraged to go to school.

Last week we visited the foundation’s headquarters in Mhaswad. It’s located in a small village about four hours outside Pune. We were very fortunate to be able to meet Chetna Sinha, the foundation’s founder. She’s a really amazing woman and has won countless awards for her work in social entrepreneurship. While gazing up at the walls in the office we started to get quite intimidated, there were pictures of her shaking hands with Bill Clinton and certificates from Ashoka and Yale University. But she was so warm when we met her and we were thrilled to hear that she loved our idea and was happy to get on board. For each item we sell, we’ll be funding one of Mann Deshi’s financial literacy courses. Over the next few months we’re also hoping to have our packaging sewn by some of the Mann Deshi trainees. We’re really excited about working with this incredible organisation. You can read more about their work on their website.


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