Progress Report

For the past couple of months Roshni and I have been working relentlessly to get Bella Kinesis up and running. If you can imagine it has become our baby. With every hiccup, we find a resolution to get back on track. But we take everything very personally because we want to produce something that we would be proud to put our names on and something our customers would be proud to wear.

The past month has been absolute chaos but even with our setbacks we’re still on schedule for launch day! We received our first samples and finally got to see what we had been working towards in a physical form. We also went to the factory to consult with the technical experts and to figure out when we could start mass-producing and getting our products to you.

As we progress, we’re learning more about the industry and how we would like our brand to be run. Given the recent press on poor factory conditions abroad, we are proud to have all our apparel made in the UK.  

We have also teamed up with an NGO called Mann Deshi, which gives women in rural India a basic skill set in craftsmanship so that they can set up their own businesses. We spoke more about this in our previous post. With help from HSBC & JP Morgan they have already done incredible work to teach these women how to read, write and create something of their own, separate from home life. We’re so happy that we’ll soon be able to contribute to their cause too.

Keep striving,

Shaleena & Roshni

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