Barry’s Bootcamp

If you want abs now, go to Barry’s Bootcamp. I’d been wanting to go for a while but got nervous after I’d heard horror stories of people getting screamed at and how hard the training was. I finally mustered the courage and called in to book a session. I asked which class I should sign up for, as a beginner, and they said that there was no beginner course because you just adapted the class to your capability. I was scared.

Before we began, my instructor Faisal took me aside, as I was the only newcomer, and showed me how to use all the equipment. He said that with the treadmill I didn’t always have to go at the pace he dictated but that I did have to adjust my incline according to his instruction – no negotiating. My first thought was ‘Okay this will be good, I’ll just walk the whole way’. We did a 15 minute interval on the treadmill and then 15 minutes doing floor exercises. I was very impressed with my first run as I am not much of a runner; the incline wasn’t too bad and the speed was tough but I could cope. The first interval on the floor was good. The workout was doable but I was really feeling the burn as we were working out both our arms and legs using the stretch band.

With half the class done, I was feeling pretty good. Then we got onto the second treadmill run and started at a 15 point incline! I usually never exceed 2 points and now I had to walk up 15! It was exhausting. We slowly brought the incline down, and it was hard to bring myself to run, but I did (for about a minute). Then it was back to the floor to use dumbbells and squats. After the hour was over, I was finished. If you need a post-workout fix, Barry’s has a refreshment bar in the corner when you can rehydrate or get a smoothie.

The next day I woke up and felt the pain all over but also like I’d had some abs hiding and now waiting to burst out. Now I have signed up to go once a week - I don’t mind being screamed at for an hour if I get some abs out of it!

Keep pushing yourself,

Shaleena & Roshni

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