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A few weeks ago I signed up for Move Pop Up Gym’s rooftop yoga class on a Sunday morning. Move Pop Up Gym organises workout events across the capital in many exciting outdoor locations. They often organise a whole day worth of classes and you can choose to sign up for a single class (£10) or for the full schedule at a discounted price of £25.

I went for the most amazing Rocket Yoga class with Hannah Whittingham on the terrace of Madison Rooftop Bar which overlooks the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral. We were so lucky with the weather – it was bright sunshine for the whole hour. The class was pretty challenging. I only really practice ashtanga, so I could handle the initial sequences but as we progressed I started to lag behind the rest of the class. There was lots of balancing – forearm stands and headstands which are the weakest links in my yoga practice. The instructor Hannah was really friendly and encouraging. She kept telling us to get our legs to fly…which was when I usually had to curl back up into my child pose.

All in all it was a great class and was set in the most spectacular venue. You should definitely check out their website to see what they’ve planned over the next few weeks while the weather is still sunny. They’ve done past events in the London Eye, Dalston Park Rooftop and at Battersea Power Station. If you’re not very confident about your yoga class (or if I’ve put you off with this post), then try out one of their dance classes!

Keep stretching,

Shaleena and Roshni


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