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Yesterday, Shaleena and I tried our first class with Hotpod Yoga. We went for an evening class in Notting Hill taught by the wonderful Dionne. The class is conducted in a giant inflatable pod, which actually creates an amazing cocoon-like ambience. The pod is heated to 37°C and is dimly lit by candles, so you can really switch off from the outside world and focus on your practice. The temperature is not quite Bikram hot (41°C), so you can work up a good sweat without getting that light-headed feeling.

We took a beginner/intermediate class but the asanas became pretty challenging as we started to feel the heat more. I’m a regular ashtangi and I found that class resembled the primary series with a few adjustments. After the class we discovered that Dionne had been taking things a bit easy just for us newbies! She told we could expect to be pushed harder in our next class, which we will most definitely be attending! She also agreed to pose for us at the end of the class so we managed to snap the beautiful picture above.

Hotpod Yoga classes last 60mins, which we found quite doable. You leave tired but not completely drained. They recommend bringing a towel and water bottle along to class but we would add spray deodorant and some face wipes to that list for afterwards. Since the pod can be erected anywhere, the classes are in pop up locations and don’t have shower facilities so you might want to freshen up quickly before getting on a crowded tube!

Classes are reasonably priced at £12 and they offer various class-pass and membership options for regulars. They take place across London and in other locations across the UK. You can even book a hot pod to come to your office for classes with your colleagues! It’s well worth a try.


Keep sweating,

Shaleena and Roshni


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