How To Curb Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re like me, you crave sugar pretty much all the time. I mean how much harm can one (or two) small bag of Maltesers do? Well, eventually it all catches up to you and your waistline, but what I have realised is the more you feed into it the more you crave it. I have slowly learnt a few tricks on how to curb your sweet tooth, for example, avoid sweet things in the morning like that almond croissant. It will leave you craving more sugar and by the afternoon you’ll want a fizzy drink or a chocolate bar to get you out of your slump. 

For those of you who didn’t know, sugar is actually a carbohydrate. But let’s not jump the gun here, carbs are not the enemy. They come in different forms like grains, fruits and vegetables. The trick is knowing which ones are good or bad for you. Artificial sugars unfortunately are not one of the good ones! Sugar releases endorphins which can calm and relax us and can also give you quite a high depending on your intake. There’s no problem in indulging once in a while but when it becomes an everyday habit, that’s when you know it’s an issue.

The problem with eating just one chocolate bar is that most of the time you don’t feel satisfied afterwards. A great way to help fill yourself up while indulging is to combine your foods. For example, dip a banana into Nutella, this way your getting natural sugars with a bonus extra. However, for those of you just want to simply stop eating refined sugar all together but need that sweetness with your caffeine, try adding honey to your morning tea or coffee. In the afternoon, have fruit with your cuppa instead of that oh so dreaded hobnob. If you’re still feeing the craving after all of this maybe you just need to be a bit more active - hit the gym or go for a walk it will take your mind off of your stomach and will release the endorphins you need.

Now these small tricks are great throughout the day, but what about the night? I have recently become addicted to watching mind numbing rom-coms before I sleep and that’s when I really crave a bar of chocolate. So what I do while watching my movies is make myself a cup (or two) of mint tea with a little honey, green tea or even a matcha latte. The latter are particularly filling (check out our previous blogpost on matcha to get the recipe). Everyone’s bodies are different and you know what is best for you, so if you’re looking to lower your sugar intake, try these few tricks and hopefully they’ll work.

Keep healthy,

Shaleena & Roshni

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