Ten Pilates Blitz Block

Our first guest blogpost – my sister decided to purchase the Ten Pilates Blitz Block package before leaving for her honeymoon in sunny California. We asked her to keep a diary of her experience over the seven days. 


With 7 days to go until my honeymoon, I decided I needed a last ditch attempt to boost my not-so-bikini-body with a TenPilates Pre-Holiday Blitz Block: 5 classes in 7 days. 

Day 1: 5 days of gluttony, binge drinking and not working out has seriously taken a toll on my body. And to couple with that Luke conducted a butt busting session - needless to say "Ouch" was repeated many a time through The Clam... and still being repeated as I hobble through day… oooh the burn... 

Day 2: Class number 2. Finally got a booking at Chiltern Firehouse for lunch so definitely had to squeeze in a workout before more gluttonous indulgence. Unfortunately, the only beginners class available on the day was 8am…on the plus side I didn’t have to pay for parking.

Day 3: Much needed rest day. Two consecutive days of leg raises and squats were enough to cripple my walking abilities.

Day 4: Back to the burn. I’m definitely getting stronger. I pushed myself to go for the challenging options. Today we focused more on the arm and back muscles. I even graduated to using the 2kg weights. The confidence may have gone to my head – I just purchased two crop tops from Asos…

Day 5: Hungover. Definitely no workout for me today. Wine, followed by vodka, followed by some questionable shots has sent me into a black hole. I’m not moving from my bed. Thank god for Netflix.

Day 6: Slight cop-out…I ‘gifted’ a class to husband – handsome, tall and willing to take Pilates with me? He’s definitely a keeper. At least this time I had some eye-candy to keep me motivated in class.

Day 7: Bye bye London, hello LA! Land of the beautiful people. Let’s hope my newly acquired abs help me blend in a teensy bit more…


The Ten Pilates Blitz Block costs £65 and is available for purchase until 31st July. Classes can be taken at any studio. A single class usually costs £28 so it's definitely good value for money. We recommend calling about the offer as we couldn't find details on the website (we heard about it through their mailing list).

Keep at it,

Shaleena and Roshni


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