Keep Fit Boot Camp in Regents Park

This week Roshni and I attended Boot camp in Regents Park on Marylebone Green. We thought with such beautiful weather, why are we exercising inside? We decided to take advantage of what was out there. When we started to look online at the different class options I was quite surprised at how cheap they were - yoga or pilates for only £6?? Yes please! We also came across a boot camp, which is what we decided to take. The class cost us £8.50.

There were about twenty of us that met on the grass at 7 pm. Initially, I was quite excited but then I realised how hot it was and really hoped we would stay in the shade - we did not. We started with a light jog followed by a warm up of side-hopping. Moving more into the workout, we began with lunging, squatting and burpees. I could really feel the burn in my thighs and I found the squats quite difficult. Although we warmed up well, from lack of stretching at the beginning of the class I found my muscles beginning to tense up. I had to stop once or twice to stretch myself.

Halfway through the 45-minute class we got into partners and had to support each other to do sit ups and legs side swings. We motivated each other by saying we would get ice cream on the walk home. We then got into teams of three and had to race each other with a combination of running, star jumps, burpees and squats. The losers had to do ten push-ups.

Then finally the class was over. I have to say it was one of the most painful walks home ever! Two days later and my body is still in pain. While you’re doing it you will probably hate it, but the results speak for themselves.

Keep going,

Shaleena and Roshni

What we’re listening to: ‘My Body’ Young The Giant 

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