Becoming a Yoga Teacher in Bali - Day 1

Guest writer Karishma Chanrai talks to us about becoming a verified yoga teacher and her experience in Bali, Indonesia. 

Why Spend 200 Hours Becoming a Yoga Teacher?

 As most twenty something year olds whose heads are almost always in a state of complete chaos, racing at a speed of thirty miles an hour - with of course, very important thoughts - the next career move, juggling two men at the same time, the client whom you need to call back, the pile of papers on your desk or how you are ever going to build up a sweat in the yoga class that you are twenty minutes late for. 

The opportunity to spend one month playing in the sun in Bali, perfecting that handstand that I have been forever been struggling with, and detoxing from the copious amounts of alcohol that I had previously destroyed my body with…seemed like a brilliant idea.

Day 1:

5:30am: Meditation

I was awake, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and “meditating” (breathing in – and –out- and in – and out – and in and out…and in and FOR TWO HOURS!). Shuffling around I watched the sun extremely slowly rise above the Padi fields. The silence and stillness was terrifyingly painful, I yearned for my iPod so that I would not be left alone with with my mindless thoughts to entertain me. Instead I tried to remember all the lyrics of Adele’s new song.

7:30am: Yoga Practice

I desperately needed to move and stretch, luckily the next thing on the agenda was my first yoga class. We were warming up with the basic shoulder roles, Cat – Cow, Downward Dogs, Sun Salutations, but after a whole sixty minutes we were still perfecting the art of Mountain Pose.


My whole body was itching to move, I wanted that hot yoga poster body, to play with arm balances, to show off my headstand and to practice the handstand that my brother can easily do on the beach (having done zero yoga classes). Nonetheless, I was stuck in a class that my grand mother could do, touching my toes, cooling down and stretching before a TWENTY minute Savasana.

9:30am: Breakfast

At breakfast, which was by far (throughout the entire month) my favourite part of the day – fresh coconut pancakes, bananas and homemade honey …  the taste of palm sugar with fresh soya milk in my tea are moments that that still crop up in my dreams, even a year later. I listened to the stories of the ‘colours,’ ‘bright light,’ and ‘shapes,’ the feeling of ‘peace’ and ‘stillness’ that everyone else managed to experience during meditation, while I was suffering from a sore bum from trying to `sit still for two hours and still extremely frustrated at the easy yoga class.

11:30pm: Self-Inquiry

This class was about how we should better ourselves and “be our own guru’s”, so that we can clear our minds in order to be able to meditate and find that – happy, quiet space within ourselves.

“Meat and Alcohol are not a part of clean and healthy living, they pollute your body and mind, preventing you from meditation and reaching your full potential in your asana practice.”

Thank god lunch time was coming up, I was furious, why not eat a little bit of fish for Omega Three or Meat for protein instead of living of protein shakes, supplements and pills… ¿?

2pm: Lunch

Our humble yoga abode shared the same rice fields as Sari Organic, one of the best restaurants in Ubud.

I snuck away from those crazy-yogi (constantly hugging, smiling and feather wearing happy people) with my roommate Megan, the only ‘normal’ person I found who was grumbling along with me.

The Nasi Gorang and Fresh Coconut Water was enough to put me in a better mood and ready for the afternoon session.

3pm: Anatomy Class

… Stuart was the Anatomy teacher he definitely had an incredible anatomy, great biceps, triceps and all other kinds of muscles … what he said about them… that I would have to Google!

Three hours later I woke up on the bolster with a stack of files, papers and books about the body, everyone else was studying these documents like we had an exam?


While everyone else sat doing their homework… Megan and I snuck out to Monkey Forest Road, a very cool trendy street, full of (real) colours, music and bustling bars and cafes. We indulged in some chicken (we were hungry!) And a (couple) of glasses of wine, followed by a massage – which was soon to become our nightly ritual…Other people found happiness in sitting still for two hours - food, wine and massages were clearly my own form of meditation! 


Keep Meditating, 



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