Becoming a Yoga Teacher in Bali - Day 40

In one of our previous blog posts by Karishma Chanrai she tells us about her first days becoming an official yogi in Bali. Here she wraps up her last day and over all experience in becoming a yoga teacher. 

Day 40 

I very much learnt to enjoy the two-hour morning meditation sessions. At times I believed that I had reached that moment of perfection, the stillness and peace – I would yearn for it to last but… but like most thing in life it didn’t - it would cruelly slip away. The sensation is indescribable and always feels so different, almost like an addictive drug that teases you with an alternate reality. With only one month of practice, I could only cling on to these moments for ten seconds or a minute at the most. Many mornings were spent in silence searching for those climatic and blissful ten seconds. I seemed to have developed a strange love-hate relationship with silence - the kind where it was sometimes my enemy, tormenting and teasing me with the familiar emotions of anxiety and frustration, and sometimes my best friend, when the stillness of my mind allowed my thoughts to become clear and even make sense.

Yoga, I soon learnt was not just a physical form of exercise; it is a practice that aligns your body, mind and soul.  Infact the asanas (poses), were actually ways to stretch, loosen and bend your body so that you are able to stay seated in a meditation position without hurting all over. Its fascinating to imagine that yoga was invented so many years ago and that it has better medical remedies then doctors would prescribe you today. Each asana is perfectly constructed to better your health, for example, Bhardvajasana (twists) help your digestive system, Ustrasana (camel pose) strengthens your spine and Baddhakonasana,  (butterfly pose) lowers your blood pressure. Maybe yoga is so addictive because for the entire class you are challenged, focused and completely immersed in yourself and in the moment. You have ten breaths to play with each shape, and after that moment, you have to let go - there is no time nor incline to over-analyse you’re decisions, as your body has already moved on.

One thing and perhaps the most important thing I have learnt this last month, without sounding to cliché is “you are your own guru.” Physically, only you know your body’s limits. And mentally, there is no-one-stop-shop when it comes to yoga/life, your wants and your needs will forever be changing – and in each moment that comes and goes, only you can decide what makes you happy - whether it is the lemon grass tea or the glass of red wine in the evening - there is no right or wrong.

This last month, has been an explosion of sensations. Sitting around a circle surrounded by people who now I consider very close friends and who will probably always be part of my life.  The energy and positivity of the circle was engulfing, I want to remember this moment and make sure I take everything with me in my next adventures to come.

P.S Everyone was studying the anatomy textbooks like we had an exam...

Keep Breathing, 


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