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For years I have been trying to lose weight and never really succeeded, and I would constantly get the forever-annoying advice from my fit friends who say ‘count your calories’ or ‘you should do more cardio!’ Honestly, I would just role my eyes because as a fellow fatty its easier said than done. I mean I am not one of those girls who walk around counting calories, write it down and then announcing I can’t eat my biscuit with tea. But, at some point it started to take a toll on me and thought I really do need to get this under control, I was unhealthy and unhappy. I thought being in the age of the smart phone there has to be something out there that will help me.

I typed calorie counter into the app store and the first app that came up was MyFitnessPal.  I downloaded it (for free) and when creating my profile I added my weight, height, gender and it told me what my daily intake should be. I thought it may be difficult to use or be like one of my annoying nagging friends, but it wasn’t – with just a few clicks you can scan the bar code or type in what you’re eating and the portion you’ve had. It then calculates and tells you how many calories you’ve taken it and weather or not its high or low in saturated fats, has a lot of sodium, high in protein, etc. You can also add in your exercise for the day, based on cardiovascular or strength training. But my favourite feature is when you click ‘Complete This Entry’ because it gives you a projected weight of what you would be if you keep eating and/or exercising the same amount over a period of 5 weeks. The cleaner you eat, the lower the number and vice versa. I found that whenever I would eat some chocolate or dessert I would add it into my daily log and see that number shoot up and it would bother me. Since using this app, I have found I eat much healthier; I tend not to reach for the fattier snacks and have even taking to cooking more at home because I know what goes into my meal.

Since downloading this app I have been tracking my weight and adjusting my profile numbers to keep it up to date with how much weight I have lost. I believe I live a healthier lifestyle and this app has helped me keep track of that.

Keep Healthy,

Shaleena & Roshni

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