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On Monday, we had the pleasure of meeting Eliza Flynn, the face behind the blog Healthy Living London. We had a chat with her about her blog and had the chance to tell her more about Bella Kinesis. We chose to meet at LabOrganic in Covent Garden, as we had both been wanting to try this place for a while.

LabOrganic, as the name would suggest, looked like a laboratory, it was pristine and white and had walls adorned with test tubes filled with fruits and flowers. They sell organic cold-pressed juices, vitamin booster shots, mylks, raw food and healthy meals. Unlike many of the other juice bars, LabOrganic is really involved with the local community and works to promote a healthier lifestyle within it by organizing lectures and seminars to educate people on how they can improve their health through simple measures. We tried the Hydration juice (green juice with a fruity twist) and the Wellness juice (beetroot, kiwi and orange with some veggies thrown in for added benefit). Both were delicious and were priced at £4.75 for 350ml. During our meeting we were also eyeing the vegan chocolate mousse (made with avocado) and the Sweet and Salty Cashew Mylk (made with dates and Himalayan salt) – we’ll definitely be dropping by again soon!

We sat down with Eliza and our fresh juices. She asked us about how we came up with the idea for Bella Kinesis and where we saw ourselves going in the next few years. We had an opportunity to ask about her blog - Eliza reviews classes and tells people her honest opinion on the lasted fitness trends, activities and even foods. They’re currently working on their business model and will be increasing their website offering over the next year. It’s always great to meet other people in the fitness sphere – we always say how friendly and supportive they are and we really mean it!

Keep healthy,

Shaleena and Roshni


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