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We had the opportunity a few weeks ago to go to AquAllure’s lunchtime lift and meet other fitness brands that were promoting some great products. One particular item we were extremely excited about was the Shine fitness tracking bands from the company Misfit UK. We were able to test the bands in our pool biking class and then take them home with us after! The girls from Misfit were helping us set up our bands and the corresponding app. They recommended wearing the tracker on your ankle if you’re a swimmer or cyclist, as tracks your movements better.

Since receiving my band I have not taken it off. It has so many features that I love. Not only does it look sleek, but you can also take it out of the wristband and attach it to a magnetic hook so you can wear it like a brooch without it piercing holes in your clothing. The battery lasts for between four to six months and the tracker also tells time – perfect if you don’t exercise with your watch on. It also tracks your sleep by measuring your heart rate and monitors your movement to estimate what time you go to bed and when you should wake up. It gives you more details of when your deepest sleep was and for how long it lasted.

As I wear mine everyday, it has become my daily pedometer. I check how many steps I am taking and also how many calories I am burning on my daily strolls. However, I found the calorie counter very confusing. It said I was burning a lot of calories than I actually was. So after doing some research I found out it uses a combined calorie count, which means it bases the figures on your height, weight and gender to calculate your metabolic calorie burn. I prefer to know how many calories I am burning based on a particular activity I am doing so sometimes I have to rely on other sources.

Honestly, I love my Shine so much that I bought one for my brother for his birthday. I really do recommend this to anyone who has been contemplating a fitness tracker and have been previously confused about which band to pick. Because of the design, it is more adaptable to different exercises and within the app you can even change the activity you are doing so the reading becomes more accurate.

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Shaleena & Roshni

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