Run To The Beat 2014

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On Sunday Roshni and I, along with some very encouraging friends, ran our very first 10K, and it was exhausting! When we started Bella Kinesis in January I did not think that I could potentially be fit enough to run that far. Run to the Beat is London’s most unique music running event and this year it was held in Wembley Park. DJ booths were set up around the track to keep runners encouraged, but unfortunately because Wembley is also a residential area. The music was only in a few locations and did not last for long as you ran by. However, at the finish line by the stadium there was a party waiting for you.

The atmosphere is amazing, before we started you feel pumped up and very ready to run. I have never been so excited to run in my life, and at the end I had never felt so proud to do something like this. I had always wanted to be a runner with the swanky ponytail swinging from side to side. Roshni and I were not worried about how long it would take us, we just wanted to finish it and run for as long as we could.

I enjoyed it so much that I have signed up for the Winter Run 10K in February. I encourage everyone to try it, you are fitter than you realise and it is also a great way to shed those Christmas pounds.

Keep Running,

Shaleena & Roshni

What we’re listening to: ‘Feel Alive’ Benny Benassi

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