Practising Yoga at Home

London has so many amazing workout studios these days but keeping fit in the city can get really expensive. As much as we try to sample as many classes as we can for the blog, sometimes we have to hold back, as startup life doesn’t always afford our ideal lifestyle! A great way to maintain your yoga practice while pinching the pennies is to try it at home. Depending on the type of yoga that you’re used to, there may be a standard sequence that you can follow (you can always find images of these online if your memory needs jogging), or you can find a class/video on the internet. I usually practice Ashtanga, so I follow the primary sequence at home. On lazier days, I often just repeat some sun salutations.

Besides cost, there are many other benefits of practicing at home:

  1. There’s no need to worry about your appearance. Whether you’re behind on your waxing or have decided to skip pedicures all together during the closed-toe winter season, there’s no need to shy away from yoga.
  2. No sweaty strangers and no feeling self-conscious about your sweaty self. You can also stretch freely, without worrying about knocking limbs with your neighbour.
  3. You can fit everything in around your schedule. No more shifting plans or rushing from the office to make your yoga class. Many studios offer a huge variety of classes but often there are only one or two a week that fit your needs and level of practice.
  4. If you’re striving to achieve a certain pose, you can focus all your time and attention on getting there. You can also complete all the poses at your own pace. Yoga is meant to be a personal practice.

A few tips for setting up

  1. Find a quiet spot that works for your living situation. I like to keep my yoga mat rolled out so I’m constantly reminded to practice.
  2. Phones off and out of sight – I can’t stress this point enough!
  3. Candles and/or incense to put you in the right frame of mind

Happy stretching! I just wanted to add a small disclaimer - although it’s more cost effective to do yoga at home, either by yourself or with online tutorials, I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners. During the initial stages of your practice, the advice, encouragement and adjustments that you receive from your instructor are invaluable and without proper supervision you run the risk of injuring yourself.

Keep practicing,

Shaleena and Roshni


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