Healthy Recipe: Brown Rice & Tofu

As Roshni and I are not vegetarian, we often take advantage of the protein we get from eating meat. To be honest, I often forget about my friends who are vegetarian. But nowadays there are so many great options and substitutes for meat that are protein filled, that it's easy to make a meal without meat. So, if you are having friends around and you want to cater to everyone here is an amazing vegetarian recipe that will satisfy both parties!

Recipe courtesy of Divya Thaker


Red Onion
Brown rice
Sweet corn
Spring Onion
Cauldron tofu
Light Soya sauce


1. Drain your tofu gently squeezing out any excess water and cut into even sized squares and set aside.
2. Soak and clean your rice before hand if possible. Add your rice to a boiling pot of water (1.5 cups of water to 1 cup of rice). Brown rice should take approx 10 mins to cook.
3. Cut your broccoli and leave to steam (or boil) for 5 minutes.
4. In your wok add your diced carrots, onions, sweetcorn, tofu and broccoli. Let cook for 5 minutes so your tofu gets nice and crispy. Add 1 cloved of crushed garlic and chopped chilli (optional).
5. Drain your rice and add to the wok stiring gently. Add a few heaped table spoons of light soya sauce and stir. Garnish with your chopped spring onion and serve. 

Keep healthy,

Shaleena & Roshni

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