Trampolining with Jumping Julia

As a hyper kid who pretty much always had a sugar high my parents were so grateful when I went a friends house and would exhaust all my energy on their trampoline. Jumping for so many hours was so much fun, but at the time you do not realise what a great workout it is.

Since Roshni & I got our sample bras we wanted to test them to their limits, and what better way to test them, then to jump around aggressively for a good half an hour on a trampoline?

Using the VivaLaVita App we booked our Jumping Julia trampolining class and made our way to a small church off of Old Street where the class was held. Unfortunately when we got there, there had seemed to be a misunderstanding between the instructors and no one had the keys to get inside church. They reassured us that this had never happened before & offered to either reschedule our class or wait for the next class to start and we could get a full hour for free. We decided to wait in the cold and really hoped that the class was worth waiting for.

45 minutes later they keys had finally arrived and everyone rushed in to setup. The class was small with about ten people. We all had individual trampolines with attached bars to hold onto if we lost our balance. We began with an easy warm up and it was tiring, after the warm up we stretched properly and then got back to our jumping! Our pace was determined by the beat of the songs we were listening to which was mostly techno. We were running on the spot, jumping from side to side, double jumping and kicking at the same time as well as working out our arms. In between each song we had about 30 seconds to rest and get water. Towards the end of the class we did some ab strengthening.

The class really worked on strengthening your legs and glutes, I could really feel it in my calves, which are the weakest park of my legs. Overall this class was amazing, we were so glad we waited in the cold to attend!

Keep Jumping,

Shaleena & Roshni

What we’re listening to ‘You’ve Got The Love’ Florence & The Machine

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