Hot Pilates with Lilly Sabri

On Monday, I booked myself in for a free taster session of Hot Pilates with Lilly Sabri. When I left my house to drive to Kentish Town, it was pitch black outside and pouring down with rain. I nearly decided to stay in with a glass of Malbec and the first episode of Gotham, but after a weekend of boozy indulgence I knew I had to get myself back on track. Five minutes into the class, I knew my drizzly drive was most certainly worth it.

The class was at Fierce Grace, London’s best Bikram studio, so the room was heated to 37°C. It was surprisingly full given the timing (8:45pm) and the awful weather but the crowd and dim lighting added to the atmosphere. We also had a DJ playing to keep us going during the most painful parts…and there were quite a few. I’d like to think of myself as quite fit after all the workouts we’ve tried over the past few months but I definitely felt pushed during this one. We focused mainly on the abs and glutes as the class involved lots of crunches, leg raises and clam repetitions. The toughest of all were the plank reps. There were different variations but repeatedly moving from forearm to hand plank challenged me the most. I really enjoyed the temperature in the room. My muscles felt much more supple during the class and when you leave at the end of the session, the rush of cold air is so refreshing.

Lilly runs Hot Pilates classes in a few different locations. I think they’re really reasonably priced (£10 for 60mins), compared to a lot of other workouts. There’s another free taster session tonight (Friday) so book soon before it fills up!

Keep sweating,

Shaleena and Roshni

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