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Last night, I tried my first class at Frame, one of London’s best workout studios. They have branches in Shoreditch and Queen’s Park and offer a whole range of workouts including yoga, pilates, and dance classes. I opted for Frame Method, a signature class, which combines pilates and barre work. There were just four of us in the class (I think there were some issues on the Bakerloo in the evening), so we all received lots of personal attention and adjusting.

We started with a quick warm up and then quickly moved on to an ab attack. We kept the props to a minimum and only used a stability ball and some light weights. After the crunches and leg raises we moved on to the most challenging part of the class – holding plank while resting our feet on the stability ball and from there lifting up into a downward dog. I tumbled over several times. Balancing was incredibly tough. Apparently, rolling over to your side means that one half of your core is stronger than the other, something to bear in mind when I’m next doing crunches.

We worked our lower half and arms at the same time by doing weight repetitions while holding a wide plié and then focused on some waist sculpting with side plank raises. The class ended on the barre with more pliés and attitude legs. Overall the class was low impact but definitely strength building. I liked the structure of the hour and found my instructor to be really friendly and encouraging. There was a clear split in the class between regulars and newbies but she made sure we all kept up.

Frame offers a number of membership options. You can either pay as you go, buy a £50 minimum top up card (this gives you discounted classes) or pay for an all-inclusive membership. As it was my first time at the studio, I chose the pay as you go option. My class was £15, which is significantly cheaper than many other barre workouts out there.


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Shaleena and Roshni

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