Our Top 5 Fitness Apps

Over the past few months, Shaleeena andI have tested out dozens of fitness apps. Here's our pick of lot, which cover everything from calorie counting to class bookings:

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is one of my favourite apps because I use it constantly. It motivates me to keep healthy and has ultimately changed my eating habits. Because I have to log everything I eat into the app I can pin point what is holding be back, and I can also log in my exercise and see how many more calories I can eat!

However, my favourite feature of the app is the ‘Complete This Entry’ button. Once you have put in all of your intake for the day it gives you a projected weight of what you would be if you keep eating and/or exercising the same amount over a period of 5 weeks. The cleaner you eat, the lower the number and vice versa.

Map My Run

About eight months ago my cousin convinced me to run a 10k and I signed up but was really nervous because I have never really run before. Although I was now a regular gym goer, I did not have the stamina to run 10k. I started running on the treadmill and found I wasn’t really getting any benefit from it, and a friend recommended the app Map My Run. I bought an armband for my phone and went on my first jog in the park. I did terribly and the app logged it all.

It told me how far I went, how fast I was, tracked my distance on an interactive map and told me how many calories I had burnt. Determined, I kept at it and Map My Run was there to show me my improvement. I finally ran the 10k in one hour and twenty minutes, it’s not a great time but I completed it and have signed up for another one to improve and challenge my last time.


My favourite app for booking classes! Most of the best London workout studios have signed up to the MindBody platform to organise their booking systems. The app syncs all the locations at which you’ve previously made bookings, and compiles all their class listings in one handy place! Bookings via the app aren’t always available (they usually only work when you have a class pass at the studio) but the app has live time updates on spaces in the class, so you’ll always know if you can join. I always use it for my Triyoga and Ten Pilates bookings. There’s also a ‘Discover’ feature, which shows you all the different workouts available in your vicinity.

Viva la Vita

Viva la Vita is another platform for booking classes, but usually has quirkier fitness offerings. We often use it to discover new fun workouts that we can try out for the blog. We’ve used it to book trampolining with Jumping Julia and Kangoo Jumping with Suppa Jump. They also offer exclusive deals through the app for discounted classes – just what you need when you’re a fitness blogger!


As we’ve mentioned in one of our previous posts, we’ve teamed up with the new app Earthmiles! Sync it to your usual fitness tracker to earn discounts for working out. Just a few more weeks before Bella discounts will be available!

Keep fit,

Shaleena and Roshni


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