Review of Boom Cycle

Guest blogpost by one of our favourite Bellas, Sonali Bhojwani, wearing our Speed Racer tank

I have been to spinning classes at a number of different studios including Psycle (London) and Flywheel (Dubai). Each have had their unique selling points; at Psycle I got the ultimate daytime clubbing experience on a bike, complete with awkward dance moves and disco lighting. At Flywheel my torque resistance and RPM were displayed on a giant screen, ranking my progress against the rest of the class. I was tempted by Boom Cycle’s joiner package of £20 for three classes, and have continued to purchase classes ever since. I have found Boom Cycle to be both a satisfying workout and an enjoyable experience. Based in Holborn, a ten-minute walk from my office, it is a great way to release energy and endorphins after a long day.

My levels of motivation vary depending on how much I am enjoying the playlist. I strongly believe that good music is the key to a good workout, and with each instructor compiling their own playlists in line with their own tastes, each class is utterly unique. Expect to see absurdly energetic instructors dancing around the studio in sports bras whilst you cycle, urging you to keep up with the beat. The lights are off, creating an electric atmosphere where the focus is very much on the music. My only criticism would be the lack of encouragement to regularly increase your resistance, so it’s important to remember that the intensity of the workout is completely within your control.

Boom Cycle instructors have many talents, and I normally enjoy a post-spinning vanilla nut smoothie prepared by one of them. There are often samples of healthy snacks to try and you’ll even find multi-coloured complimentary hair ties to bail you out. The energy of the instructors is contagious and entire Boom Cycle experience means that you end your day with a massive boom.

Keep cycling,


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