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I’ve been a regular at Triyoga Primrose Hill for about two years so I was devastated when I heard that they were closing. The studio was just a ten minute walk from my house, so perfect for last minute yoga cravings. It’s a slightly longer walk from home, but the new Camden studio absolutely beautiful!

The building was originally a piano factory, so it’s full of open space and natural light. There are now four studios including one with infrared facilities for hot classes. I tried a hot class yesterday with Yasmin. Triyoga are offering free hot and warm classes til Sunday so get there soon! The class was great. Just the detox I needed after some pre-Christmas boozing and general unhealthiness. The infrared panels create the perfect type of heat - not too dry, not too draining but the perfect amount to cause a really good sweat.

Also in the studio are six new treatment rooms, a meditation room and the lovely new Nectar Café. The changing rooms are really quite luxe as everything has been updated with wooden panelling and slate floors. Triyoga will soon be offering barre classes, which I’m really keen to try. I’ll be trying to squeeze in another free class by Sunday, but otherwise you’ll probably catch us in a regular Vinyasa class!

Keep bending,

Shaleena and Roshni


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