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My body has been feeling a bit sluggish since I’ve got back from my holiday. Waking up on time has been much more difficult and I’ve been needing my afternoon tea pick me up much earlier than usual. I wanted to get my body back on track so I thought I’d get some superfood goodness in me in the form of green juice.

I headed down to Soho to try the Juice Well, a new juice bar started by Will Ricker, the man behind La Bodega Negra. Clean, white and bright – this place is nothing like its sister Mexican restaurant! They offer a rainbow selection of juices as well as milks, tonics, booster shots and food pots. A massive sign on the wall described all the benefits derived from different coloured juices. I opted for the goodness packed Green & Lean, made from cold-pressed kale, spinach, celery, apple, lemon and cucumber. Dark juices are full of micronutrients, which give your body a boost when it’s running on low. Green juices in particular are best for cleansing, strengthening and anti-ageing.

The Juice Well also offers full cleanses. A full cleanse last 3 days and consists of 6 large juices a day. These were priced much more reasonably than many other brands we’ve seen at £42 a day. The large juices retail at £6.50 and their fresh smoothies start at £7. Juice Well offers same-day delivery through Deliveroo to certain postcodes and next day delivery across the rest of London. 

Keep juicing,

Shaleena and Roshni

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