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Until yesterday, I was always too nervous to try out a HIIT class. I think there was something about the name, written in caps lock, which made me think quite frankly, ‘S-HIIT’. They sounded a bit too intense for a traditional yogi like myself. I was offered a one week free trial membership at the Fitness Mosaic in Chalk Farm, so I wanted to make the most of their class offerings and try something new. I hit the sign up button for HIIT and hoped for the best.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Classes are just 30 minutes long and consist of 10 different workout sets. Each set is repeated 3 times, with very short breaks in between. The sets included side step planks, scissor leg raises, squat jumps, long and short planks and press ups. We had the option to add weights to the reps but I felt sufficiently challenged without them. The rapid repetitions and constant movement mean that your heart rate is kept a constant high rate. Short, high intensity workouts are meant to be amazing for our bodies as they improve our athletic condition, boost glucose metabolism and aid fat burning. I felt pushed during the class but the end came so quickly that I wasn’t sure how hard I had worked. I only realised this morning when I made my way up a flight of stairs. 

While I appreciate the efficiency of a half an hour workout, I far prefer a full 60-90 minute workout. My mind is more focused on the activity and my body has a proper chance to get into the workout, after a long sedentary day at the office. I’d recommend HIIT for a quick fitness fix or as a supplement to your usual workout regime.

Fitness Mosaic offers a whole selection of workout classes and prices start at £10. For even more savings, check out their monthly membership, which includes all classes, for £39.

Keep training,

Shaleena and Roshni

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