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Wearing our Speed Racer tanks and Cool Runnings leggings

Last week Roshni & I got to go to the 1Rebel Studio in the city, located across from the Gherkin at St Mary Axe. We were initially quite nervous as we had signed up for the Reshape class and we were not looking forward to the running and intensive weights. However, we were running really late; the tube had signal delays and we ended up missing half the class by the time we had arrived. Completely flustered and quite annoyed we asked if it was possible to rebook into the same class or into another class that day. They were absolutely accommodating, booked us into a spinning class that started within the next fifteen minutes.

With a little time to kill we decided to go exploring; the studio was beautiful and very industrial. The woman’s changing room was very large and it had a full beauty counter stocked with nail files, cotton pads, hair dryers and straightners with full beauty lighting. They even have these huge amazing balance ball chairs so you can strengthen you abs while straightening your hair. Even the lockers are huge and do not need you to bring a lock or a £1 to insert. Upstairs there was a full Roots & Bulbs shop with a choice of salads, wraps and juices.

Once we were ready we headed upstairs, switched our trainers for cleats and went into the class. Although the class was about half full we were all assigned a bike, someone helped us onto the bike and explained how to adjust the resistance. Our instructor Tiago was really good, he is a fan of the old school music and was playing awesome remixes to Michael Jackson, Le Freak by Chic and other great sing along songs! At one point he had made us do the Mexican wave, then divided us into four sections and when he pointed at us we had to stand on our bikes and he conducted us like an orchestra. It was a lot of fun, we were doing push ups and working our arms as well.

At the end of the class he told us as we had come during the lunch hour so before we leave we get a free meal or juice, this made the experience even better.

I went back a few days later to try the fully body Reshape class that we had previously missed. The instructor was Melissa, as you walked in she explained the treadmill and how to change it from motor run to dynamic mode that means your strength and weight pulls the track and it’s not on the motor. Opposite each treadmill was a weights station, which consisted of a bench and its own rack of weights. I started on the treadmill we warmed up with 5 minutes of running at a speed of 9 to 11, we then switched to floor workouts consisting of leg and glute exercises. Then back onto the treadmill for more running on an incline, then you switch back to the floor. We did this multiple times over thirty minutes working out our entire body. Melissa was really good, constantly pushing you so you to go harder. The music was a bit too techno for my liking but to be honest when your in pain and trying to push yourself you don’t even hear the music. After I got a free, healthy, chicken wrap from Roots & Bulbs which made it all worth the workout!

The studio is great, the half an hour workouts are great and the free meal after is even better. Honestly, if I worked in the city this would be the only place I would go, the location is perfect for you City workers because now you literally have no excuse to eat badly and blame lack of time to workout.


No more excuses!

Shaleena & Roshni

What we're listening to: 'Your Body is a Wonderland' John Mayer

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