London Winter Run for Cancer Research UK

On Sunday 1st February I ran my second 10k for Cancer Research UK at the London Winter Run, this was a great way to shed that excess Christmas bump I hadn’t quite motivated myself to loose. The course was spectacular; it started at Westminster went to Tower of London and back, passing beautiful monuments like St Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard and Somerset House. This event was amazing because there isn’t many big winter races though London. There was an estimated 15,000 people who ran, including people directly effected by cancer or still undergoing treatment.

When I received my information running pack it said there would be fun snow zones, a Swiss Winter Wonderland and polar bear hugs at the finish line. However, while running there was a sign that said ‘Swiss Winter Wonderland 200m ahead’ but once I reached the tunnel of this ‘Wonderland’ it was just a projected image on the wall of the words Swiss Winter Wonderland, which was slightly disappointing. I’m not sure if I was the only one with high expectations, but I legitimately thought I would be able to stop and take a selfie of me in this magical place.

Overall, the run was amazing. The view was stunning and the cold was not too bad as long as you kept running! I am already looking for another 10k to keep me going! If you’re feeling keen you can sign up for next years run right here!
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Connie in our Speed Racer tank 

Keep Running,

Shaleena & Roshni

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