Power Plate at Good Vibes

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When the power plate became popular I didn’t quite understand it, I remember my Mum telling me she loved it because all you had to do was stand there and watch the fat melt away. This was my only review of it, so you understand my scepticism, right?

Since starting the Bella Kinesis journey I have seen the power plate in a lot more privet/small studios like Good Vibes & Mosaic, but never in big gyms. I’ve always been a bit curious, so I decided to give it a go. I booked myself in for the 11:30am 25 minute class at Good Vibes Studio just off of Tottenham Court Road, when I arrived the studio was empty and so was my class! I had the place to myself. My instructor, Rhia Docherty, showed me how to operate my power plate machine and said there are many ways of using the it, but today instead of using hand held weights I would be using my own body weight. 

We started with some light stretches on the vibrating platform, it was quite strange – my glasses were bobbing on my head and took me a minute to adjust. Once warmed up we began with sets of squats and core work. This was difficult because my core is quite weak and I could really feel the burn more than usual. We then moved onto planking and legwork, then more squats and a little arm work. I have never sweated so much in 25 minutes. Although the class was not strenuous like my 20-minute 1Rebel class it was equally as effective. The constant movement, pulsing and then holding was really hard on the vibrating platform! I was pleasantly surprised that my body actually hurt. 

Once over I saw more people filtering into the studio for the 12 o’clock class lunchtime workouts. I was quite happy that I had the studio to myself, the instructor worked solely on me and realised in the beginning my core was weak so we concentrated on that. For anyone who has been a bit of a sceptic I really recommend giving it a go, the workout was quick but effective.

Keep Moving, 

Shaleena & Roshni 

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