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Triyoga recently opened a beautiful new studio in Camden (our full review), having had to move from their previous Primrose Hill location. The venue features a brand spanking new barre studio (this is the first time Triyoga have offered barre classes), which was only ready to be unveiled last week so we popped down to give it a try.

I booked myself in for a 6pm class with Pennie-Jane. There were just four of us in the class but quite a wide range of abilities, but we each got the individual attention we needed. We started out with a warm-up, as the room was pretty chilly. This was done off the barre and involved hamstring and thigh stretches and pliés. We then picked up some light weights and started the real workout. This was all done in the middle of the room as practice before we repeated many of the moves on the barre. We focused on our legs and glutes by staying on our stiletto heels and worked our upper body with arm raises with our weights. Once we moved onto the barre, there were leg raises and more pliés. Barre classes are about small repeated isolated movements – you don’t break out in much of a sweat but you feel that real burning sensation in targeted areas.

If you haven’t experienced a barre class before, I’d highly recommend them. They vary from studio, but for this one there was only a little bit of dance involved – just 1st and 2nd positions and some pliés, so don’t be afraid if you’ve never been much of a twinkle toes!

Prices start at £27 a class, but there’s an intro offer for 2 classes for £20.

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