Best Juicers around London

The juice bar has become a bit of an epidemic, there are so many it can become a bit overwhelming. Juice have so many health benefits depending on what you’ve got in them, did you know cranberry juice has been known to prevent and even treat bladder infections? So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite juicers in London.

Portobello Juice Café

A cute & very quirky juicery on Portobello Road is filled with vibrant colour and amazing decor. They serve everything from juices, to juice infused coffee and have a full range of healthy snacks and a salad bar.

Mae Deli

Located on Seymour Place and opened up by Deliciously Ella, it is a cute place to stop off for some good, healthy and surprisingly hearty food. Their presses juices are equally tasty and a definite must try. 


Based in Covet Garden, LabOrganic, as the name would suggest, looked like a laboratory, it was pristine and white and had walls adorned with test tubes filled with fruits and flowers. They sell organic cold-pressed juices, vitamin booster shots, mylks, raw food and healthy meals.

Keep Juicing,

Shaleena & Roshni

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