Bootcamp Pilates Review

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Shaleena, Nadine and I in our Speed Racer tanks

Roshni & I seem to have a problem with getting up and out for our Monday morning workouts, we always seem to be late for our appointments and have come to the realisation that maybe it just isn’t for us. We had booked in our class at Bootcamp Pilates with our amazing ambassador Nadine and the traffic held us up and we missed our class. We were fortunate enough to be able to get into the class right after with Jordi Hulshof, before Nadine left she whispered to us that he was going to be a killer – and he did just that.

If you haven't tried a reformer pilates class before, you definitely need to give it a go. The machine looks a bit intimidating to begin with, with various levers and suspension cords, but you get used to it quite quickly and soon learn that all these props are there to help your movement. The machine is works on a moving platform which is attached to springs. These can be adjusted to vary the resistance, and hence the intensity of the workout. We started with some light movements on the reformer and it slowly built up and got a lot harder, we did everything from squats, lunges, core work and slide planks. Because of the moving platform, your balance is really challenged which is what helps work your core. A lot of the class really focuses on stretching too so you're also improving both your posture and flexibility. This was a hard class. What I did appreciate about Jordi’s class is whenever we would move into a new position he would show us how to make the workout harder so other people (not me) who are stronger can toughen their workout and us beginners are still comfortable.

The next day we both felt the burn in our gluts! The class was very effective and we’ve signed up for the March Intro Offer so we still have two more classes all for the price of £20. They have four locations so go ahead and book online now!

Here are a few images of our ambassador, Nadine, showing us what it's meant to look like!

Nadine shows us what it's meant to look like in our Speed Racer tank and Jump Around Hoodie

Keep fit,

Shaleena & Roshni

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