Esprit de Core Pilates With Sophia Barker

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Today we had a class with our ambassador, Sophia, who runs Esprit de Core pilates. We’ve both been a bit under the weather over the past few weeks so we asked her to go a bit easy on us. Both Shaleena and I have done quite a few reformer pilates classes but haven’t really experienced a proper traditional mat class. We were lucky enough to have Sophia come teach us at home so we got lots of individual attention and correction.

The first step was finding our neutral pelvis so we didn’t strain our lower backs. We gradually moved on to leg raises and hundreds to blast our core. I think I managed to actually reach 100! But I lost count…

Then we were on our sides to focus on our gluts and hip flexors. I do a lot of yoga so tend to have quite open hips but these exercises focused more on strengthening the muscles around the hips not on the width of the movement. From a distance the moves look quite easy but the small pulses are what make your muscles shake the most.

Towards the end of the class we did some planking and upper body workouts. Having spent the beginning of the class with our spine curved one way, we then worked up into a cobra to get it back into neutral. It was just what we needed on a Friday afternoon, following a long week of chasing up and recovering from a little bout of flu.

Sophia teaches semi-privet classes at home for two people for £45, or you can book yourself in for her class at Southfields – Samsara Mind & Body on a Wednesday at 7:15pm or Friday-Saturday at 10:45am.

Keep stretching,

Shaleena & Roshni

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