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Destination yoga is probably my favourite pastime. I love my local studio but something really wonderful happens when you take your practice outside and set it in front of a different backdrop. I think it really reinforces the idea that your practice is bigger than your asanas, and you really start to appreciate both the lesson and your surroundings.

On Saturday, I tried Yoga at the Shard with Yogasphere. It’s been on my wish list for a while but since we try lots of classes, I felt that £40 was a bit steep for me. Luckily on my birthday, I received a 50% discount code from the lovely people at Yogapshere, so I booked myself in for a class right away. Their only class is at 8:15am on Saturdays so by 7:30 my bleary-eyed self was on the Jubilee line to London Bridge. Despite the cloudiness, I have to say the view from the top was spectacular. We had to take 2 lifts to reach level 69. When we got there all the mats were laid out with instructors placed at each corner, given the odd shape of the room. I’ve taken a class with Mandy from Yogasphere before at the Albany Club (review here) and she was pretty tough. I definitely remember cursing to myself when we repeatedly had to switch from plank to down dog! This time though, I was relieved to discover a much gentler class. I hadn’t even had my daily caffeine boost so I certainly wasn’t ready for anything too strenuous. I was fortunate to grab a mat right next to the glass so I got to hold my tree pose whilst gazing over my most favourite city. By the end of the session, I felt much more energised and managed to get some fun pictures. I’m hoping to win the #peakpose photo challenge! 

 After the class, I headed to Borough Market to pick up some amazing fresh food for the weekend – think GIANT juicy olives, fresh sourdough and a little salted caramel fudge as a little treat to myself. By the end of it all, I started to think that I might actually be a morning person! Then Sunday hit and I didn’t emerge from under my duvet until 11:30…

Yogasphere offers classes all around London but the one at the Shard just feels extra special. It is a bit pricey but we also got a goody bag and one lucky person in the class even received won a spa day!

Keep bending,

Shaleena and Roshni

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