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Shaleena and I in our Speed Racer tanks, Carly in our No Jiggity bra

If you don’t already know about Project Hot Bitch, Carly Wilkinson is an awesome blogger and a Bella Ambassador. She just celebrated PHB second ‘bloggiversary’ and we were lucky enough to get an invite to her celebration. Carly began her fitness blogging journey because at age 29 she felt uncomfortable in her own skin, like most of us. So, she put on her trainers and went for a run and thus the Hot Bitch was born. She admits she is still a girl who wants to eat cake (and cheese and cheesecake) but she feels incredible and more confident in her own skin now.

To kick-start her celebrations we got given a generous discount from Boom Cycle in Shoreditch and had an amazing class with our instructor Rose. Having been to quite a few cycles classes I knew what to expect: a lot of screaming and exceedingly loud music. But a pleasant surprise Rose did not bite our ears off, while keeping us motivated and showing us all the movements I think this is the first cycling class I was able to actually hear her great playlist. What was nice as well was she would measure the time of the class by the amount of songs we had left so you knew when you really had to push it in the class. There was a nice mix of pushups, standing and sitting or just really pushing yourself with a lot of resistance.

After the class Carly invited us all to get a post workout meal with her at Bird Restaurant which specialty is chicken and waffles! Unfortunately we were unable to go for the dinner but by the looks of it she was face first into her meal!


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