PRIMAL SERIES Perform at LA Fitness

I like to go to the gym with friends; I find we motivate each other and I tend to work harder when there is someone with me. I also really like the 30-minute classes LA Fitness offer, because they target areas and you’re in a small group so the instructor can focus and push you in need be. I recently signed up for the 30-minute class Primal Series Perform with my cousin, we had never done it before but thought ‘hey why not?’ When we entered he gym we were told by multiple people good luck and then I began to worry, what had I booked myself into?

Our instructor set up three bosu balls on the ground and a flat ladder next to it, the class was small with only five people, so we split up into two grounds and she demonstrated what we had to do. I began with three sets of ski jumps, zigzagging on and off the bous balls jumping back and forth. At first the movement seemed strange but relatively easy but after a while your gluteus really start to burn. The next thing we had to do was jump with both feet while zigzagging up and then off the balls, this was exhausting. After doing this about six times I had to stop and catch my breath, it was a lot of movement and my heart was pounding. After the second set we had to do push ups on the bous balls then switching hands and going back and fourth, we did one set of these. Next we switched over to the ladder, we has to do more ski-hops by jumping in and out diagonally of the squares. Next we were hoping on one foot back and forth then jogging back to our stations. After we were lunging in and out of the ladder in three directions to work all our leg muscles. I though the workout would be over soon, but it wasn’t, we had to move back to our original positions grad medicine balls and if I didn’t think I could sweat any more I was wrong. We had to hold the ball above our heads and jump once, get on the ground and do a burpee, then jump up twice and do another burpee, I got up to 12 jumps in 1 minute 50 seconds. We did this twice. The instructor told us the record for her class was 16 jumps. Next we had to get into plank position and run for as long as we could. If you can believe It there was sill time for three more exercises, we then had to get SURGE water weights and work our upper body by moving our legs back and fourth while twisting our torso in the opposite directions, then there was more lunging and the final last set was one minute of squatting.

My body was in serious pain, I have not sweated like that in a good while and I felt great. I checked my calorie counter and I burned up to 700 calories in half an hour I really enjoy these 30 minute-classes (not while I’m doing them), because I don’t push myself in the gym when I am by myself like this. I am going to see if I can push myself to do this class at least once a week because two days later and I can still feel it!

Keep Pushing,

Shaleena & Roshni

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