FreeFORM Board HIIT at Bootcamp Pilates

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As shown above, part of our job is looking a bit like lemons when we're working out. Last week Shaleena and I tried a freeFORM Board HIIT class at Bootcamp Pilates. (Yes, we also had no idea what it was until we saw a video on the Bootcamp Pilates Instagram account and thought we should give it a go!). The Freeform board is like a disc mounted onto a wheeled base, which allows it to move in every direction (like one of those 360° suitcases). It can also be put in lock mode so that just the top disc spins while the rest of the board is stationary. This was a great way to stretch out your muscles so we used the board in this function at the beginning of the class as a warm up.

Once we were in full spin mode, things got much more challenging. The board can easily be incorporated into a normal pilates workout. We started with some forward and sideways lunges. With the board we were able to get that skating motion that always adds that extra burn to our bums when working out. Then we lay on our backs and did some full sit ups with our feet on the board, using its movement to help us build momentum. The hardest of all was holding plank with one foot on the board – in both side and front plank we had to shift one leg backwards and forwards to really work our obliques. Once we’d got the hang of all the movements, we moved to the HIIT portion of the class. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, which really translates to short bursts of intense pain and sweating. On the plus side, it’s all over after eight minutes but you know you’ve worked your now very perky butt off. There was a timer with a boxing bell at the end, which told us when to shift between exercises. I quite enjoyed the workout but Shaleena didn’t love it. Sometimes it was a bit difficult to keep up and maintain the right foot placement on the board but you get used to it by the end of the class.

FreeFORM HIIT is only offered at the Bootcamp City Studio with Nick, who was really great at keeping us motivated. He did most of the class with us, so definitely knew which parts hurt the most! Bootcamp Pilates are doing a great intro offer – 3 classes for £20, which applies to all their classes so it’s a great way to try something new.

Keep skating,

Shaleena and Roshni

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