Ashtanga at Yogaloft

Yesterday I took an Ashtanga class at Yogaloft in Queens Park with Luiz Vega. When I first took up yoga, I started with a 6-week beginner Ashtanga course but lately I’ve been trying different types of yoga. Ashtanga is very regimented, so it’s great to practice at home as you know exactly what to do but can sometimes feel a bit too repetitive for me. I could feel my strength building, but I was also secretly (well not that secretly) longing to be able to get myself into all the cool looking poses I see on social media. For anyone who has similar aspirations, I recommend some Vinyasa or Rocket yoga classes.

But last night, it felt great to get back into the Ashtanga routine. I had taken a class with Luiz before at Sadhaka, a lovely studio in Camden, which unfortunately had to shut down after a fire in the building. Yoga instructors vary so much, so you really need to find someone that works for you or you’ll never enjoy the class and probably quit your practice. Most of my other yoga instructors have been female, blonde and extra smiley. Luiz is a little different…but that can also be a good thing. It’s a little intimidating when you have to walk up in front of the class so he can hear your Ujjayi breath (which is never loud enough). Mine was particularly quiet since I’d been neglecting my Ashtanga practice. He has a very deep voice and counts throughout the class. At first it’s a bit scary, but then you just feel it working. The whole class is in sync and breathing in a sort of husky chorus. The class was taught in a heated studio so I was dripping and exhausted at the end. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good pic but I’m sure you’ve seen too many of me lately!

Yogaloft is a beautiful, bright studio in Queens Park (not too far from Frame). They offer a full range of yoga styles for group classes, as well as beginners courses, personal classes, workshops and holidays. Prices start at £13 per class for drop-ins and they have some great all-inclusive options of you’re a local.

Keep stretching,

Shaleena and Roshni

What we're listening to: 'Breathless' The Corrs (so much nostalgia!)

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