Gym Class in Holland Park

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Roshni wearing our Speed Racer tank, both in our Cool Runnings leggings

Roshni and I have wanted to try Class Pass when we first heard about it and were really exited when they did an intro offer of £10, one week of unlimited classes. The first thing we did was sign up for a class at Gym Class in Holland Park, having seen it constantly pop up on our instagram we were extremely excited. Only a five-minute walk from the tube station we walked into the quaint studio that had a beautiful little garden.

When the class began we were divided into three groups and started circuits of hip lifters in crab position, squats with kettle bells and a combination of rolling on your back then jumping up and then getting back down and doing a push up. We did this 5 times and that was only the warm up!

I was already sweating profusely and our instructor Luke (who looked like Thor if that isn’t motivation enough) was already onto the next set of movements. We were spilt again into two groups of four, we started in crab position and had to kick our legs out like we were can canning. This was incredibly hard, working your legs and core at the same time, then we had to jump up around, squat and move swiftly into upward dog all in one movement. Luke saw the exertion in our faces and was nice enough to only give us 2 sets of these. After this we were back into squatting position, we did five sets, 20 seconds each non stop of: squats with kettle bells push in and out, then just squats while holding the kettle bell then lunging while lifting the kettle bell. And now we had to do TRX –the struggle is real!

We did three different movements using the TRX suspension band; using our body weight we worked our core, biceps, love handles and back. This was easy compared to the previous circuit.

And just when you think the class is over, it isn’t. We then raced each other on our hands and tip toes crawling back and fourth with our bums up, its looks easier than it actually is. Completely exhausted I have never been so happy to stretch at the end of a class.

Although this sounds like a lot both Roshni and I really enjoyed the class, I am not sure it was the work out or if it was our instructor and his raspy voice who kept us going but to say the least we will be back!

Keep going,

Shaleena & Roshni

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