Vinyasa Flow at Evolve Wellness Centre

Shaleena and I signed up for a 1 week trial of ClassPass this week. We had planned on trying out around 5 classes during this time but after being completely annihilated after our session at Gym Class on Monday (see previous posts), we needed at least two full rest days!

I thought my body would benefit most from a good stretch after all that muscle exertion so I booked in for a Vinyasa class at Evolve, a lovely studio in South Kensington. The studio is located in a quiet mews, just a few minutes from the tube station and even though it was 7pm, there was still sunlight streaming through the windows. There were only eight of us in the room, so despite the spacious studio, the class felt very intimate. Maurizio led our class. We started slowly moving through sequences but would then speed up as we repeated them. It was quite a gentle class in terms of pace but there was definitely room to push yourself with more challenging modifications. My upper thighs were still feeling quite achy, so my body really appreciated this opportunity to stretch at its own pace.

(Helpful reminder on the door of Number 10...) 

I love the challenge and push you feel during many of the more ‘hectic’ workouts that we try, but there’s something so wonderful and calming about getting back to your yoga practice. The Evolve Centre is all about personal growth, something both Shaleena and I feel very strongly about. I just received an email from them with the sign off ‘Be well’, which I’d like to adopt for today’s post. Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Be well,

Shaleena and Roshni

What we're listening to: 'Something Inside so Strong' by Labi Siffre

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