Cycle Blast at Lomax

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Last week we booked in for a spinning class at Lomax in Chelsea. The studio had been on our wishlist for a while, so we were quite excited to find out that they offer your first class for free! The studio is stunning. When you walk in they have a full canteen called Grill Market with freshly made healthy food and juices. The walls are covered in chalkboards describing the freshly made meal options and class timings. The studio was surprisingly spacious for such a central location (Fulham road).

We were told our class would be downstairs in the Secret Cycling Club but unfortunately there was some unexpected construction going on so we relocated upstairs. The room was a little compact but full of light, which was so refreshing compared to the usual dark basements with loud music, given that it was a midday class. Our instructor Mikey helped us set up our bikes. There were only six of us in the class so it was quite intimate. The workout was hard and with the bright, small room we became quite sweaty very quickly. We were constantly changing our resistance and our pace, went from as fast as we can to as slow as possible to try and activate each and every muscle. We also used weight plates to do a bit of upper body conditioning.

After the class Roshni and I ate at the Grill Market and ordered a pomegranate glazed grilled chicken with a fresh tomato salad and a grilled halloumi cheese salad with quinoa. The menu was well priced, the food was good and the portions were even better.

Keep cycling,

Shaleena and Roshni

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