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Roshni wearing our Speed Racer tank, both in our Cool Runnings leggings

On Monday, a new studio opened on High Street Ken called Core Collective and we were really keen and excited to check it out. We booked in out first class (which is free) a week before the opening! The studio lived up to my expectation, just a five-minute walk from the station, the place was huge and the interior was incredible. It had the feeling of a boutique hotel; the reception has cute tables and a fridge with some healthy snacks and juices for your pre/post workout. Downstairs, there are three studios each designed and tailored for your class. The spin studio looks insane with these amazing round lamps that do all sorts of crazy effects, then there is the velocity room which is interval training which includes tires, ropes and all other types of equipment that will make your body ache, and lastly the class we took: resistance TRX training.


Our class was with Paddy, we got lucky and had the class to ourselves, which meant we had more room, and the class was tailored to our fitness level. Paddy was really patient with us while we were gawking at the interior and even waited until we had a good enough selfie before we got all sweaty. He first showed us how to adjust the resistance band and each set went through the movements with us. The workout was incredible because we did over 20 different movements from squatting, pull-ups, push-ups, planks, burpees, biceps, triceps – any muscles you can think of we worked it. Using your own body weight and this resistance band makes you work your core while balancing. Things like squatting become easier because you have something to hold onto. The TRX helps you keep your form and you get the amazing results. I absolutely loved this class, it was only 45 minutes but it went by so quickly!

There are some classes that absolutely exhaust you and you feel ill afterwards, this is not one of them. It was a great burst of endorphins and my body did not ache until the next day. I can feel the burn but it is a great burn! This has to be one of my favourite classes I have taken in a really long time and recommend it to anyone who wants to firm up and burn some calories.

Keep resisting,

Shaleena & Roshni

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